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East West Northampton is the campaign to extend Milton Keynes Central East West Rail services to Northampton, enabling brand new east to west services operating from Northampton.

Creating a Northampton east-west link

Until now, the possibility for creating a new east-west rail link from Northampton has been low. Now EWR is being built, it's within arms reach, by simply extending some Milton Keynes services.

Short-distance services

As well as long-distance services that could operate using this extension, services could also operate from Northampton to Aylesbury, Oxford, Banbury and Leamington Spa.

Long-distance services

We also have the possibility of introducing services from Northampton to cities such as Bristol, Bath and Chippenham, as well as other London and Birmingham terminuses.

Improving the economy

New services would allow people to live in Northampton and work in large cities, bringing home a bigger paycheck, and vice versa, improving the entire national economy.

What is East West Rail?

East West Rail is the organisation that is building the new "East West Main Line" between Oxford to Cambridge via Milton Keynes and Bletchley.

East West Rail
Learn more about the East West Rail project and organisation.
East West Rail Consortium
The consortiums of local authorities and businesses working together to deliver the East West Main Line

East West Northampton aims to introduce new short and long-distance services to east and west from Northampton.

We would operate using the East West Main Line, which is currently under construction in England.

Learn more about the campaign

There's a lot more to learn about East West Northampton. To learn more, visit our "About" page

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